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Welcome to our new CPA members: Zeni Scott, MD - Ascend Pediatric Pulmonary / Justin D. Needham, MD - Cape Fear Cataract & Cornea, PA

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Coastal Physicians Alliance (CPA) is an Independent Physicians Association (IPA) that represents physicians throughout Southeastern North Carolina who practice both primary care and medical subspecialties. All of our physicians practice out of independently owned medical clinics.


Patients, providers, and purchasers of health care services need to know that we can tackle rising health care costs without sacrificing the quality they expect. That’s why more than 300 caring physicians have come together to create a new health care paradigm that remains patient centered while reducing costs.


We provide privately owned medical practices resources to help physicians achieve their healthcare delivery goals and find solutions to the problems that can arise with owning their own practices. We negotiate managed care contracts on behalf of our members and establish discounted vendor relationships.


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Independent physicians interested in joining Coastal Physicians Alliance, Inc. should contact Dianne Braswell, Chief Operating Officer, [email protected] , or (910) 617-5794, for an application and a CPA Request for Membership form. Their application will be submitted to the Coastal Physicians Alliance Board of Directors and CPA Credentials Committee for approval.

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Members of Coastal Physicians Alliance (CPA) are part of a unique network of independent physicians united in the healthcare delivery system as they provide quality healthcare, reduce healthcare cost, and improve the experience of care for their patients and community.  As independent physicians, we have more control over the options available to our patients.  Join us and be part of this unique network.

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Our members provide quality healthcare by participating in care coordination and referral programs, providing continuity of care, which proves our commitment to value-based healthcare. Our physicians are dedicated to their profession and devoted to their patients.  They give special attention to the needs and concerns of their patients, and exhibit the compassion that their patients desire.


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